Humming Bird

Boston Williams - from the original 1835 Design

New England Traditional Double Bowl with lowered center divider

Custom Sink

One of our most popular custom sinks, is this double bowl, with the lowered divider. It is made to order. The Double bowl accommodates even the busiest kitchens and laundry areas. A full 36" in width, 10" deep and 18 1/2" from front to back. Divider wall is 4 1/2" tall.

New England Traditional Double Bowl

The right sink for any kitchen, bath, bar
and budget. This sink offers a 26 1/2" 

wide single bowl, measures 18 1/2" from front to back and is 7 3/4" deep.

This is our Trough sink. It works great in any bathroom, or as a secondary kitchen or laundry room sink. Trough sink custom sizes only quoted on request.

Our largest pre-fabricated sink, the double
bowl accommodates even the busiest kitchens and laundry areas. A full 36" in width, 10"deep and 18 1/2" from front to back - this style affords the most flexibility.

Chicago Wright - from the original 1907 Design



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Humming Bird Trough Sink 

Custom Sink

Our mid-size sink is just right for any
kitchen or bath. Smaller than the double
bowl, it's single bowl is 30" wide, 18 1/2"
from front to back and still a full 10" deep.